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Maddie at the Mausoleum Maddie at the Mausoleum

Maddie and I have a long photographer/model relationship that goes back almost five years. We first worked together out of my home studio, before I went professional, and had a great time together. She understood what I wanted without much explanation. Now, after many studio sessions, it is a pretty quiet affair when we shoot together; we both know how its going to turn out, usually brilliantly.

In all that time we have never shot outside, so after shooting a wedding couple (see the Sara & Sweet Chuck entry) there a few days previous, I suggested we return to the Roche Harbor Mausoleum and see what we could do.

With lovely filtered sunlight coming through the trees, the mausoleum is a wonderfully simple place to shoot. It's like this massive soft box is above you all the time. And then of course there is the dramatic stone table and chairs; an ideal platform for something magical to happen.

Maddie did a variety of clothing changes but the best that worked was with the leather jacket and the mirrored aviators. I guess you could say we were aiming for some sort of rock'n'roll style. Whatever you want to call it, I am pleased with what we got.

You should keep an eye out for Maddie (Madison Adrianna Leiren) in the future; she is a talented fashion designer, and launching her own line soon. I'm excited for her, and selfishly looking forward to shooting for her lookbook and website.

John Sinclair

My name is John Sinclair and I am a professional photographer living and working in the San Juan Islands. I specialize in Wedding Photojournalism, Contemporary Portraiture, and Modern Commercial Photography. My business is called CONCEPIA located in the heart of Friday Harbor. This is not only a venue to exhibit my own work but it is also my studio workspace. I also offer a wide variety of photographic services such as large format printing, standard framing, scanning/archiving, restoration/retouching, and Photoshop services. In the summer months I teach a series of workshops aimed at all levels of photographers, and throughout the year offer individual tutoring.