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I love Epson printers. This company has consistently proved to be the market leader in print technology; their equipment is well designed and reliably outputs awesome prints.

Epson Pro 9900

For prints up to 44" wide I have the latest iteration of the 9900 series wide format Epson printer. This $6000 printer has the latest Thin Film Piezo print head technology, capable of handling ten separate ink channels, coupled together with Epson UltraChrome? HDR inks it is capable of producing stunning rich prints on a variety of media. I could go on and on about this printer, but I'll direct you to Epson's website for the gory details. It rocks.

Large Format Printing

As well as being capable of producing fabulous photographic and fine art prints, the Epson 9900 is an amazing printer on all sorts of standard media. Perhaps you need extra large size Excel/PowerPoint documents printed for a business presentation? Or you need a long banner printed for a birthday party? Or maybe all you need is some graphics really really big? Whatever the task I am sure we can find the right media that satisfies your needs.

Standard Size Printing

Not only are we the largest photographic printing service on the island, but we also handle the smaller photographic prints too. 5"x7" prints start at $4, with a sliding discount scale with large orders. Contact me for a quote today.

Printing, Matting, Framing Rates:

5 x 7
8 x 10
9 x 12
11 x 14
12 x 16
14 x 18
16 x 20
18 x 24
20 x 24
24 x 36

Available Media:

I stock at all times the following media. If your printing project needs a more specialized output, then we can order in the appropriate media within a couple of days. Contact me to discuss your requirements.


Epson Premium Luster Photo Paper (260)

Wedding, portrait and school photographers have traditionally used luster paper for their photos. Now Epson offers this popular surface paper, Premium Luster Photo Paper, to digital printmakers. This instant drying paper produces vivid, lifelike images that rival those of traditional silver halide prints. Premium Luster Photo Paper delivers highly saturated prints by offering maximum ink coverage and a high D-Max for true photographic reproductions. Its 10-mil RC base gives prints a photographic feel, and keeps the paper cockle-free.

Epson Premium Glossy Photo Paper (250)

Premium Photo Paper Glossy has a high gloss finish that is perfect for printing your favorite cherished photos and enlargements for use with glass frames and photo albums. This paper is smudge and water-resistant with a smooth, bright white, resin coated stock.

Epson Premium Semi-Gloss Photo Paper (250)

Like Premium Glossy Photo Paper, this remarkable media has the look and feel of true photographic paper. Ideal for printing displays or scenic color images, this semigloss finished paper delivers beautiful results for all to enjoy. Due to its semigloss surface, lamination is not recommended.


Epson Velvet Fine Art Paper

Artists and photographers require a variety of media surfaces for their professional work. Epson is proud to introduce its first cotton paper for the desktop market, Velvet Fine Art Paper. With a base that is 100% cotton rag, buffered and acid free, this paper is coated with our popular Enhanced Matte coating, giving exceptional color gamut and high D-Max. The velvet surface is a favorite of photographers and artists alike, offering a unique museum quality feel. Combining impressive fine art cotton with Epson technology has created a paper that will be a classic for years to come.

Somerset Velvet

Somerset? has always been the first paper choice among serious artists and printmakers. Ever since the 1700s and the days of handmade paper, Somerset has enjoyed a reputation for quality that has continued to grow through the years. Now Epson brings you this old world paper, with an ink jet coating, to meet the quality requirements of the most demanding printmaker. Somerset Velvet for Epson is a 100% cotton, acid-free paper that delivers long-lasting prints when printed with EPSON Archival? Ink or UltraChrome? Ink.

UltraSmooth Fine Art Paper

Artists and professional photographers require true archival print media in a variety of weights and surface textures for their digital fine art and photography. Now Epson brings you an acid free,100% cotton hot press paper that is coated on both sides for extra versatility. This cylinder mould-made product features an ultra smooth finish on two sides (sheets) that is optimized for Epson Photographic Dye, Epson UltraChrome?, and Archival? Inks. Offered in a variety of sizes and formats, this fine art paper is not only acid, lignin, and chlorine free, it is also pH buffered with calcium carbonate for a true archival sheet.