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PhotoshopWe throw around the term 'Photoshopped' a lot in digital photography. It can mean many different things; from removing the smallest blemish on a portrait, to massive manipulation of an image to create something both at the same time realistic and unreal. I personally believe that the moment you can see the effects of Photoshop, you have gone too far. (For some awful photoshop work, visit It's amazing that this website is full of finished commerical work. Go see for yourself.) Less is more, as far as I am concerned.

So lets say you have taken an image that is almost perfect, but you need to tweak it a little. Photoshop these days is an incredible complex tool, which in the wrong hands can be very daunting. Let me do the heavy lifting and make your good photo a great photo.

Photoshop: $60 per hour.

Hmmm, can you spot the difference in this customer supplied image? (2 hours of Photoshop work for final image)