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Film & Negative Scanning:

Have a bunch of negatives (remember those?) and want to see what's on them? I can create digital files from your negatives, which you can then print from. Or perhaps you have a shoebox full of family photos that you want converted to digital format so that they are easier to distribute among family or ready to post to FaceBook? Either way I can scan and archive your photos to preserve them for generations to come.

Digital Organization:

The downside to digital photography is that it is too easy to keep EVERYTHING you've ever shot. Hard drives are cheap and time is precious, so unless you are a scrupulous editor and only keep the best of the best, then it's easy to amass thousands of images that you in all likelihood will never look at again. So enter CONCEPIA to the problem. Let me organize your photos into a structured library that is easy to search. We can sit down and keyword/tag your photos, turn you into a ruthless editor, and transform your photo albums into great slideshows for your iPad.

Archiving: $60 per hour.